Pressure Transmitter – ENDRESS+HAUSER – Model: Deltabar S PMD75

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“Process transmitter
Part Number : PMD75-ABA7C31BAAA
Approval: Non Hazardous area
Output; Operating: 4-20mA HART; extern + LCD
Nominal Range; Cell Material; PN:30mbar/3kPa//0.45psi; 316L; 160bar/ 16MPa/2400psi

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“Differential pressure transmitter with metal sensor

The device is used for the following measuring tasks:
• Flow measurement (volume flow or mass flow) in conjunction with differential pressure sensors in gases, vapors and liquids
• Level, volume or mass measurements in liquids
• High process temperatures up to 400 °C (752 °F) possible with diaphragm seal mount
• Differential pressure monitoring, e.g. of filters and pumps

Your benefits
• Very good reproducibility and long-term stability
• High reference accuracy up to 0.035 %
• Turn down up to 100:1, higher on request
• Used for flow and differential pressure monitoring up to SIL3, certified to IEC 61508 by TÜV SÜD
• High level of safety during operation thanks to function monitoring from the measuring cell to the electronics
• The patented TempC Membrane for the diaphragm seal reduces measured errors caused by environmental and process temperature influences to a minimum
• Easy electronics replacement guaranteed with HistoROM®/M-DAT
• Cost-effective installation with Deltabar S FMD77, capillary on low-pressure side”


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