SIMATIC – CPU – SIEMENS – Part No.: 6ES75163FN004AB8

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Training bundle CPU 1516F-3 PN/DP (OEM) consiSTing of: S7-1500 CPU 1516F-3 PN/DP , 1,5 MB / 5 MB, 32 DI, 32 DQ, 8 AI, 4 AQ, SIMATIC memory card 24 MB, 2 x frontconnector 40 pin, 2 X IDC connection 4 x 16-pin, Ethernet cord RJ45/RJ45 6m, mounting rail, 482 mm Software f. Training STEP 7 V13 ******************************* for educational purposes only


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In stock


SIMATIC not only offers first-class panels, thin clients and IPCs, but also an extensive range of original accessories which harmonizes optimally with the core products. We place the same quality requirements on our accessories as we do on our core products.

Since accessory parts are required over the entire service life of a product despite wear, everything is done to ensure that all accessories remain available throughout the entire life cycle of the core products. In the event of deviations in exceptional cases, a relevant product announcement will be placed in the Customer Support area. We recommend subscribing to these announcements electronically.

SIMATIC accessories are intended exclusively for industrial use, such as in offices, workshops etc. In some cases, accessories can also be used with competitor products. This use is at your own responsibility.

The range of accessories includes:

Batteries (rechargeable buffer battery, lithium batteries, main rechargeable battery, etc.)
Fasteners (memory card lock, wall bracket, mounting frame, mounting clips, mounting bracket, etc.)
Labeling strips (labeling strips, front film, labeling set, protective sleeve, etc.)
Input devices, cables (keyboards, mice)
Input aids (e.g. touch pens)
HMI connecting components (converters, connectors, adapters)
IWLAN accessories (access points, KeyPlug, power supplies, Moby D, small parts)
Power supply units, power cables (supply units, non-heating apparatus cables)
Back covers (in IP20 design)
Protective films
Protective covers, dust caps (covers, caps, port keys, USB/RJ45)
Service sets (spare parts package with coordinated contents)
Storage media (MM memory card, SD memory card, PC memory card, PC memory card adapter, CF memory card, USB memory stick, USB FlashDrive, memory module for pushbutton panels, memory expansions)
Transport and storage (bags and handles)
Distribution boards (USB HUB, USB extensions, keyboard, video, mouse switch, Ethernet switch)
Additional accessories (e.g. spare key)
Process coupling
Connecting cables
Bus connector DP
Bus connector PN
The aim is to offer accessories as new parts throughout the entire lifecycle of the core product.

This cannot be guaranteed because the consumer market changes quickly..

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